Thursday, October 31, 2013

Types of Geogette Fabric

Pure Georgette Fabric with Chikan Embroidery
Shop Online. About this Post: The Post is for all our customers , prospects and visitors who love clothing & fashion and are always looking to get information about the current fashion trends and would like to know more about different kind of  Georgette Fabrics . Today we will be talking about  “ different kind of Georgette Fabric

About Georgette :
Georgette is a lightweight fabric and is made from silk. It is dull-finished fabric named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante. It is a bit bouncy and light crepe texture, also slight rough  but gives rubbery texture when rubbed.  Georgette is free flowing textile fabric and used by affluent people. Pure Georgette is expensive and very thin in nature, earlier it was used by royal families as it looks elegant and classy. It is one of the most consumed textile product and always in demand. Generally, georgette is bit transparent so people use slip or linen to wear Georgette Fabic.

Different types of Georgette:

80grms Georgette:  It is used for making wedding lehengas, designer sarees as it the most expensive and pure georgette fabric. The beauty of this fabric is – It is a bit heavy and hold heavy Chikan hand embroidery or machine work.  

Pure Georgette
Pure Georgette Chikankari Suits, Anarkalis and Lehengas

60grms Georgette: It is one level below 80grms georgette. It is best for hand chikankari embroidery and quite affordable by people. It can also be used for heavy Anarkalis,  Salwar Suits and Saree  work. 

40grms Georgette: This is widely used Georgette fabic for masses. Generally this  kind of georgette you see in the market. It is used for printed top, tunics, ladies western wears, skirts and printed sarees. It is cheaper than the 80grms and 60grms georgette

Artificial Georgette or Faux Georgette:  This should not be considered as georgette as this is made of  polyester weaving done in the fabric and that's why called Faux Georgette.  It is the cheapest among all form of Georgette.  

You can find the difference between Pure and Faux Georgette by its roughness.  The Faux Georgette has a very hard roughness compare to Pure Georgette.

Typically, Faux Georgette is 4-5 times cheaper when compare to the Pure Georgette fabric. Another difference is : Dyed Faux georgette looses it colours in few washes and becomes fade, you can experience it by look & feel while Pure georgette always look beautiful and doesn’t loose its colours.

So beware of the shopkeepers who sell cheap georgette (Faux Georgette) in the name of pure Georgette.

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